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tv   FOX 31 Denver News 930P  FOX  January 14, 2016 9:30pm-10:00pm MST

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everyone deserves a home. regardless of who they love. >> was this lesbian couple denied housing by a boulder landlord. simply because of their sexual orientation. >> that's what a new lawsuit is alleging. >> the case filed in federal court this morning. on behalf of a couple who thought they had found the perfect home. >> . the couple says the property owner said she couldn't rent a home to them. because of their uniqueness.
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and against state and federal law. >> after months of searching. they thought they had finally found the per perfect home for their family of 4. when they roach approached the land hror. her response stunned them. >> . according to to the smiths. who are a same sex couple. and one is transgender. the property owner allegedly refused to rent to the smiths because of their quote uniqueness. and went onto say doing so could jeopardize her standing in the community. >> very hurt. that something so apart of us. that we have really no control over. we are who we are. that could be the basis to tell us we didn't deserve place to live. >> they would find another home. but couldn't let go of the discrimination they felt. they joined their lawyers to file a federal lawsuit. against the boulder county property owner.
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on the basis of sex and status. >> . >> new mexico wants to sue colorado. and the federal government. after that mine spill that turned the river orange.
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accidently unleashed millions of gallons of waste water. which spread to 3 rivers in colorado. utah and new mexico. >> some towns kreu drinking water supplies were shut down. >> i think the legislature in the 21 century. can certainly come up with a path way. to prescription. and access to medical marijuana. and we need to recognize that
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policy is a failed policy. >> he says he might cut someone a break.
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started. >> for miles. deputies tried to cch up. at times reaching speeds of more than a hundred miles per hour. at one point driving the wrong way on the interstate. this part of the chase is driving on a flat tire. with a tailgate of the truck. dragging on the highway. that's when troopers used what's called a tactical vehicle intervention. >> finally stopping the truck. >> you can see the first deputy approach the side of the truck. and tries to get him out. >> that's when another deputy jumps to the other side. gets in the truck. where he finds another threat. >> in the vehicle on the floor board. there was a weapon. handgun.
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tell he was leaning over trying to get to the weapon. >> he tried to run again. but didn't make it far. the raoeulgt call was the right the 3 police cars used in the chase were all banged up. but despite the dramatic video, no one was hurt. >> we know sunrise and sunsets are beautiful. one woman in michigan snapped a photograph of a sunrise that tops all she was on her way to work. when she caught a glimpse of the sunrise.
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of the cross. after taking the picture. >> . the photograph captures mother nature at her finest.
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several want this started in southwest tk er denver. arpbt sixth avenue. this was a wanted tphrob felony suspect. so police were authorized to do the chase. and they did. this is how it ended. 4 people in custody. two taken to the hospital. from the crashed vehicle. nobody on the road hit.
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>> headlines impact kw-bg program. say cold out door weather can cause arteries to constrict. and increase blood pressure. combined with too much physical exertion can be dangerous.
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of get -lg all over the denver area. folks are turning up the tv. and rushing to the produce section. >> . blueberries. not the pill anymore. >> . a memorable interview leading to memorable moments for a mother and her 3 kids.
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description of an apartment fire. getting more than just the attention of a local tv station. in tulsa. >> with that. her interview spread like well. wild fire. across the internet.
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>> she said she just had to meet me. stkphr through that connection. a go fund me page has been set up. thousands have already donate -td. as for her families current living situation. it's day-to-day. but tmz was nice enough to step up. after hearing her situation. >> . by the way. last check. her go fund me page just shy of 16 thousand dollars.
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>> . >> check it out. here we go. steady stream of moisture coming in from the west. and continuing straight into colorado. we have seen some snow already. we'll continue to see snow in the mountains and some of it will be spilling here. in to denver. and we have dropped out. the warmer air is pushed away. the colder air is moving in. as you look back. you can see it will be colder. for a couple days to come. we had wind today. the wind in most places is starting to back off. to less than 15 miles per hour. that's vail pass. there's some soft snow coming down up there. 35 and 32 with a west win at 8 miles per hour. you can see the temperatures are basically in the 20s and 30s. up and down the front range. youyou get to greeley it's colder at 19. and doing a little better than freezing in boulder. at 36. so across the rest of the state. you can see the temperatures
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and 0 in gunnison. you have gone to 4 below down in alamosa. here's where we're expecting the snow showers let up. and refire. again tomorrow. most of the snow tomorrow stays i say most. watch right here, we will get some snow showers. rotating out. points south. up i 76. greeley. plains. >> . chilly 30s here. we continue to see the temperatures slip down. and we're out of the 50s and 60s. into the cool 40s. in the southeast corner. so. plan your day with a cold start. we'll look for more clouds to thicken up in the afternoon. and bring in a snow shower or two. after 3 or four o'clock. kids dress warm. heading out the door in the 20s. your drive to and from work. different. dry in the morning. by the roads may get wet. if you get hit by a snow shower. we'll go to the 7-day forecast. and talk about snow on sunday.
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>> @ r we couldn't be happiert to be here r or more excited aboutr the years to come. rto celebrate, we got your56 nonstop destinations. @
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t thanks for tenr amazing years, denver. r we like you back.
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>> as far as the rematch. this is play off game for me. i know you say all this stuff. it's just another game. i'm trying to win a super bowl. >> . broncos receiver sanders.
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nothing but bringing home a super bowl title. to denver. more on that match up. the avalanche despite the atrocious start to the season. clawed their way back into play off contention. the last two games have been awful. hey colorado. time to wake up. the avs hosting the devils tonight. in denver. >> that's a beauty of a goal. one to nothing. they're not even a minute in. second period. colorado on the break. and berry putting home the miss. two to nothing avs. they win 3 to nil. >> . all right back to the broncos. >> >> after giving that foot some rest. peyton manning has looked rejuvenated. ready to roll. for possibly his last play off
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the steelers are up next. who would have thought manning might be the most healthy quarter back in the game. >> back up brock osweiler missed practice today. with a sore knee. but it expected to suit up. steelers quarter back has a sprained shoulder. he didn't toss it around today. they will have him make some competitive throws in practice tomorrow. >> his star wide receiver, hasn't practiced since suffering a concussion sunday. he's under the protocol. and still dealing with symptoms. >> . pittsburg running back williams. hasn't practiced since suffering an ankle injury. it's highly unlikely he'll play. and there's von miller. he wasn't on the field yesterday. dealing with a stomach problem. the line backer very healthy. may have cheated a bit on his day off. watching a movie. eating cheese sticks. and an icoo. he paid the price. >> . can't put just regular gas in a
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>> . tried to see star wars. sneak in and snuck up on me. >> . the force struck back. >> . i told him stick with the popcorn. >> . all right. time for a rant. my opinion. chris harris jr. and demaryious thomas. all said yesterday that at this time last year the broncos weren't thinking about their play off match up against the colts. and were thinking ahead to the patriots. that's why they lost. this year. they are focused on the steelers and should. but i can't help myself. i'm looking ahead. and i'm begging to the football gods. please give me another manning brady match up. please. >> . i know broncos country might prefer the chiefs. some believe we need new pwhrod in the play offs. forget that. number 18 vs. 12.
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>> . epic match up. we were robbed with manning injured. brock stepped in nicely and won. thanks. but if it happens, this would be the 17 meeting between the two. brady leads eleven games to 5. play offs are a different story. peyton manning won two. tom won two. in words of out casts. nothing lasts forever. so. you have to remember in the deflate gate. his e-mails came out. and tom brady talked a little trash. said he's only got about two years left. and he has 7 or 8. manning said test no big deal. but i'm sure in it's in the back of his mind. >> it's a better story. but we have a better chance against the chiefs. >> i agree. >> . the path of least resistance.
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>> .
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3 teens fall through the ice.
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